The new Network Code (NC) profiles–an extension to the CGMES profiles–for the purpose of Regional Coordination Processes (RCP) are now published. The RCP makes reference to the post-Common Grid Model (CGM) building processes, that is, Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA), Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC), Short-Term Analysis (STA) and Outage Planning Coordination (OPC).

The RCP release 2.3 is a package including the RCP data exchange specification (approved by ICTC-SOC on 13 May 2024) and the seventeen Network Code profiles (approved by the ICTC on 25 April 2024). This first release focuses mainly on the CSA process, but ENTSO-E works on including the remaining processes’ use cases in the upcoming years.

Other efforts like the standard-vetting interoperability test that ENTSO-E organises ensures that software vendors implementing CIM-based data exchanges understand how interpret the RCP release 2.3. Additionally, ENTSO-E rearranged the CGMES and NC profiles artifacts in the Application Profiles Library and created additional material (i.e., the RDF-syntax user guide, Questions and answers on CIM/CGMES data exchange implementation, ReadMe documents, etc.) to help users understand the published material.

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