Brussels, 14 December 2023 - The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) is pleased to announce that Ukrenergo, the Transmission System Operator (TSO) in Ukraine, will become the 40th member of the association as of 1 January 2024, following the approval by the ENTSO-E Assembly today. Ukrenergo has already been an observer member of the association since April 2022.

ENTSO-E members are driven by their shared responsibility to achieve the energy transition and to keep the lights on in Europe. Welcoming Ukrenergo as a member of the association underlines ENTSO-E’s commitment to strengthen cooperation among TSOs at pan-European level, in order to foster the security, resilience and reliability of the interconnected power system.

ENTSO-E and Ukrenergo have been working together since 2017 to achieve such integration. A notable milestone was reached on 16 March 2022 with the emergency synchronisation of Ukraine and Moldova with the Continental Europe power system. Since then, Ukrenergo has consistently demonstrated its ability to operate and maintain Ukraine’s transmission power system stability in challenging circumstances. In November 2023, ENTSO-E announced the successful completion of synchronisation project with Ukraine after the compliance by Ukrenergo with the key technical requirements necessary to enable a permanent interconnection between the power systems of Continental Europe and Ukraine.

Mr Zbyněk Boldiš, President of ENTSO-E, said:

On behalf of the ENTSO-E General Assembly, I would like to congratulate Ukrenergo on joining ENTSO-E as a member. This achievement marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another. The first journey was marked by the emergency synchronisation on 16 March 2022, the signature of the Observer Membership Agreement in April 2022 and the completion of the synchronisation project on 28 November 2023. We are now embarking on a new journey where Ukrenergo assumes its full place among European TSOs. Together, we will be stronger in promoting and advancing a resilient, sustainable, and integrated European electricity grid.

Mr Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, CEO of NPC Ukrenergo, said:

The interconnection of the Ukrainian power system with the Continental European network and now the achievement of Ukrenergo’s membership status in ENTSO-E is another important milestone for Ukraine on the path towards European integration. This is a crucial and historic step, which will significantly contribute to the enhancement of energy security, the resilience of our power system, as well as the stability of electricity supply. We are grateful to our European partners for their trust and for the opportunity to establish full-scale and comprehensive cooperation within ENTSO-E.

ENTSO-E Members as of December 2023 ENTSO-E member as of 1st January 2024 with Ukrenergo as member

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi NPC Ukrenergo CEO and Zbyněk Boldiš, President of ENTSO-E during the online conference call welcoming Ukrenergo as new member of ENTSO-E as of 1st January 2024 after today’s Assembly vote.

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi NPC Ukrenergo CEO and Zbyněk Boldiš, President of ENTSO-E during the online conference call welcoming Ukrenergo as new member of ENTSO-E as of 1st January 2024 after today’s Assembly vote.


ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, is the association of the European transmission system operators (TSOs). The 40 member TSOs, representing 36 countries, are responsible for the secure and coordinated operation of Europe’s electricity system, the largest interconnected electrical grid in the world. In addition to its core, historical role in technical cooperation, ENTSO-E is also the common voice of TSOs.

About Ukrenergo

Ukrenergo is the transmission system operator for electricity in Ukraine. The company performs the functions of operational and technological control of the integrated power system of Ukraine, as well as electricity transmission by trunk power grids from generation to distribution networks. Ukrenergo ensures technical capability of electricity exports and imports with the neighbouring countries. In the Ukrainian electricity market, Ukrenergo performs the functions of Commercial Metering Administrator and Settlements Administrator.

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