ENTSO-E opens today a public consultation on the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2024, on the scope of studies planned to be performed and the stakeholder engagement plan.

ENTSO-E’s TYNDP is the pan-European electricity infrastructure development plan. Released every two years, it provides a wide European vision of the future power system and investigates how power links and storage can be used to make the energy transition happen in a cost-effective and secure way.

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As specified in Regulation (EU) 2022/869, TYNDP 2024 will include an assessment of future system needs/infrastructure gaps. This includes a study on system dynamic and operational challenges, and the identification of system needs study with a focus on the 2040 horizon. TYNDP 2024 will also include a cost-benefit assessment of future infrastructure projects, transmission and storage.

Details on the planned horizons and scenarios for assessment in each study are specified in the Overview document for consultation.

TYNDP 2024 Stakeholder engagement timeline

The stakeholder engagement plan of the TYNDP 2024 includes early public consultation on the methodologies that will be used to assess system needs and to perform the cost-benefit analysis of projects. Webinars or workshops will also take place at key steps of the TYNDP process, including at the time of release for consultation of the draft CBA Implementation Guidelines, during the consultation on the improvements to the system needs study methodology, and of course during the consultation on the draft TYNDP 2024. Details of the planned stakeholder engagement plan are specified in the consultation document, and will also being regularly updated on this webpage.

Promoters of infrastructure projects play a special role in the TYNDP process. The consultation document outlines the timeline to propose projects for assessment in the TYNDP 2024. Events/resources specific for project promoters will also be provided.

What happens next?

After the consultation closes ENTSO-E will review the comments received and re-evaluate the planned scope of studies and engagement plan when relevant. Stakeholders’ answers to this public consultation, and ENTSO-E’s answers to stakeholders, will be made public.

For any questions, please contact emil.tan@entsoe.eu

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