In accordance with the ACER decision 29/2020 of 24 November 2020 on the methodology and assumptions that are to be used in the Bidding Zone Review process and for the alternative bid-ding zone configurations to be considered (BZR Methodology) , Transmission System Operators (“TSOs”) of all Bidding Zone Review Regions shall jointly perform a study in order to estimate transition costs occurring from a bidding zone reconfiguration. The study shall aim at providing an overview of necessary adaptations and possibly a range of related cost estimates. The study shall also consider stakeholders’ replies to the public consultation conducted pursuant to Article 17.4 of the BZR Methodology.

In the framework of the above mentioned study, TSOs have launched a first questionnaire on transition costs from September 6th till November 14th 2022 aiming at gathering information on transition costs inherent to the specific bidding zone reconfigurations to be assessed in the bidding zone review . The outcome of this online survey has however not been completely satisfying. TSOs have therefore decided to launch a 2nd simplified questionnaire in order to try and improve their data sample as well as to organize interviews with around 10 selected individual stakeholders in parallel to the public survey.

The answers already provided under the first questionnaire will be considered in the total estimation of the transition costs on an equal footing with the answers to be provided under the 2nd one.

EU Stakeholders are welcomed to answer to this online survey by April 15th 2023 by providing one feedback per stakeholder organisation.

For any questions on this matter please contact Gjorgji Shemov (