On 3 March 2023, the Bidding Zone Review Consultative Group (BZR CG) held the 5th formal meeting since the launch of the BZR study, in the form of an online event.

The BZR CG serves as a platform for relevant stakeholders to interact with ENTSOE and its members on achieving the objectives of the BZR and is composed of representatives from 17 stakeholders, including: European market parties’ associations, national market parties’ associations from BZs of active Bidding Zone Review Regions (BZRRs), as well as European research institutes and think-tanks.

This time, the focus of the meeting was for the TSOs to address relevant questions the BZR CG members asked since the last meeting, mainly focusing on the 22 indicators to be assessed as part of the BZR. Additionally, the stakeholders were informed on the latest status updates in the BZRRs and next steps for the transition costs study.

TSOs and ENTSO-E see a great added value in having BZR CG meetings and will continue the close cooperation with ACER, NRAs and BZR CG members at technical and strategic level.

For any questions, please contact Gjorgji Shemov

Slides are available here.

Answers to questions from the BZR CG members on 22 indicators are available here.

Minutes of the meeting are available here.