This document presents a comprehensive Vision developed by ENTSO-E, of what would be necessary to achieve a Power System fit for a Carbon Neutral Europe. It builds on our previous ENTSO-E Vision 2030, on the long term Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) scenarios, and on our RDI Roadmap, and it includes TSOs common intelligence on trends, scenarios, challenges, technology, and innovation.

In a fully carbon neutral economy, electricity will be the main and most efficient energy carrier, but it will need to be coupled with other energy sectors. The system of the future will be based on three key elements, all essential for a sustainable, resilient and affordable power system:

Carbon Neutral Energy Sources, providing the bulk of the power generation, and for the most part weather-dependent. System Flexibility Resources, to efficiently complement the weather dependent generation and the increase in overall complexity. The Power Grid, connecting generators, consumers and flexibility resources across Europe, and enabling a fully integrated European Energy Market.


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