Dear colleagues,

There is a big update in CGMES library this time. CSA specifications were updated to v2.1. This version was already agreed by SOC on 2022-02-16 and enriches the second version with FACTS devices which are currently missing in CGMES, sensitivity matrix, updates related to remedial action cost sharing and bug fixing. All the existing specifications were updated. Availability plan was renamed to Availability Schedule.

We’ve also published the cost sharing implementation guide!

Article 74(7) of the CACM Regulation (Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management) requests all TSOs of each capacity calculation region (CCR) to “further harmonise as far as possible between the regions the redispatching and countertrading (RDCT) cost sharing methodologies”.

Finally the ENTSO-E100 eap file with the CGMES 3.0 and CSA 2.1 profiles is available under ENTSO-E CGMES Extension and Profile.

Best regards,
Standardisation team