Mark your agendas for a series of events from 10 to 12 October

ENTSO-E is delighted to provide more details on the ENTSO-E Vision events taking place on 10-12 October 2022.

The ENTSO-E Vision events will start in the afternoon of 10 October with a high-level online conference in which we will unveil and present the key principles of the “ENTSO-E Vision: A Power System for a Carbon-Neutral Europe”. Moreover, a second session will host discussions on system security and Pan-European Adequacy, in anticipation of the challenges related to the upcoming winter.

From 11 to 12 October, we will deep dive into the details of the Vision with four webinars dedicated to different Vision’s building blocks.

11 October

  • Webinar #1 (morning) - “Energy System Flexibility: the key for Renewable Integration”
  • Webinar #2 (afternoon) - “Building and Operating the Grids of the Future”

12 October

  • Webinar #3 (morning) - “A Market Design fit for a Carbon Neutral European Economy”
  • Webinar #4 (afternoon) - “Predicting the unpredictable: possible Game Changers”

During the webinars, stakeholders will be invited to react to the key concepts of each topic and we will also collect questions from the audience.

Further information on the agenda and on the confirmed speakers will be available soon.

Do not hesitate to contact Luca Nuvoli ( should you have any questions.