Continental Europe TSOs are now focused on identifying the key conditions needed to support the electricity supply to Ukraine as a matter of priority.

ENTSO-E and its Member TSOs understand the urgency to address the request for emergency synchronisation whilst ensuring the security and stability of the Continental European power system.

ENTSO-E would like to thank the Commissioner Simson and the EU Energy Ministers for their support for the work of Continental European TSOs to ensure the safe operation of the concerned electricity systems. At the Energy Council meeting on 28 February 2022, Member States underlined the importance of enabling the emergency synchronisation of the Ukrainian power grid to the power grid of Continental Europe and the need to consider the impact on Republic of Moldova.

On behalf of ENTSO-E and its Member TSOs, the Board of ENTSO-E today acknowledged the exceptional efforts of Ukrenergo to operate and maintain the power system in these difficult times and will continue to support their efforts. ENTSO-E’s Board confirmed its full support for swift emergency synchronisation definition of key conditions for synchronisation by the Continental European TSOs.


  • On 27 February 2022, Continental Europe TSOs have received an urgent request from Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian TSO, for an emergency synchronization of the Ukrainian power system, including the Burshtyn island with the Continental Europe power system.
  • On 28 February 2022, Moldelectrica, the Moldovan TSO (Moldelectrica) submitted a request for emergency synchronisation in line with the Ukrenergo request.

  • Identification of the conditions for urgent synchronisation will include an assessment of Protection and Dynamic Stability, Operations and Markets, Legal and Regulatory and Information Technology including Cybersecurity.