The ENTSO-E Bidding Zone Technical Report provides transparent and factual information for the whole EU on congestions, flows scheduled outside the market and costs of these congestions. It is an important input to an assessment of the efficiency of the current bidding zone configuration performed by ACER every three years. An adequate bidding zone configuration is an important factor for efficient congestion management and well-functioning market.

The ENTSO-E report also identifies geographical locations of congestions and their frequency for three different timeframes, as well as TSO expert assessment and explanations of local grid constraints. The report also provides indications on the likely evolution of congestion over next ten years. The Technical Report also provides in-depth information on costs of remedial actions taken by the TSOs to eliminate congestion and ensure secure system operation, as well as indications of power flows” scheduled outside market processes. What is new in the 2021 edition is that it includes the Clean Energy Package´s 70% minimum capacity assessment and it offers a clearer visualization of congestions.

ENTSO-E’s Bidding Zone Technical Report serves as facts collection and does not provide recommendation on future bidding zone configuration change. A new bidding zone review can be triggered by ACER or other parties, involving relevant TSOs and covering selected grid areas.

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