Today, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG publish the finalised TYNDP 2022 Storyline Report as a major milestone in the TYNDP 2022 scenario building process.

The Storyline Report, as required by Regulations 943/2019 and 715/2009, consists of the storyline development for two future Paris agreement compliant (COP 21) scenarios, together with the outline of the upcoming National Trends scenario. The proposed COP 21 storylines are defined along a pan-energy approach, relying on a wide range of energy technologies, sources and carriers, and representing a step towards more system integration in the planning phase.

This Storyline Report is the result of a thorough and extensive stakeholder engagement process started in July 2020, including two public webinars and a six-week public consultation. During the two webinars, 86 stakeholder questions were considered by ENTSO-E and ENTSOG. The subsequent public consultation provided stakeholders with discussion points concerning scenario assumptions and data ranges for energy carriers and technology trajectories. In total 26 stakeholders’ responses were received during the consultation process. Additionally, 26 bilateral meetings with experts, industrial organisations and NGOs were conducted to discuss sector-specific topics in more detail. To ensure the highest levels of transparency, an updated list of all bilateral meetings and all feedback received during the webinars and public consultation (including responses by ENTSO-E and ENTSOG) is provided on the consultation feedback website.

As a result of feedback received, quantitative ranges for key technologies and energy carriers have been developed and detailed in the report. These ranges will serve as input parameters for the modelling of full scenarios based on the storylines described above. The fully quantified scenarios will then be published for consultation in Q3 2021.

The ENTSO-E and ENTSOG TYNDP 2022 Storylines Report can be found on a dedicated website, here.

An additional public webinar outlining the scenario development process and presenting the results of the Storyline Report is planned to take place in the summer.

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