ENTSO-E publishes its discussion paper “Options for the design of European Electricity Markets in 2030”. The paper presents the interim results of an analysis started in 2018 focusing on necessary improvements to the design of European electricity markets to facilitate the achievement of the 2030 climate objectives. The present paper is based on the ENTSO-E Vision 2030. A summary of the assessment was already presented during the ENTSO-E Vision 2030 week in a public webinar held on 12 October 2020.

Increasing variable renewable energy sources, digitalisation and greater decentralisation will transform the power system. European markets need to evolve accordingly, so to help addressing power system challenges while making the most of the opportunities offered by emerging market participants from both demand and supply side.

With this paper, our objective is to trigger an open policy debate on a wide range of possible market design evolutions with all relevant European stakeholders. For this purpose, ENTSO-E is launching a consultation on this discussion paper from 1 April to 14 May. The results will be discussed in a dedicated workshop on 10 June 2021.

It should be noted that the possible market design evolutions outlined in this paper are options that we have considered in our analysis and are not intended to represent ENTSO-E’s positions or TSOs’ views.