The Greek TSO, IPTO, has communicated that at 11.28 the damage to the 150 kV Moudania-Kassandria high voltage transmission line was repaired. The electrification of the high voltage network in the Kassandra region has been normalized and within the next few hours the completion of the rehabilitation works is expected to be carried out in the middle and low voltage network.

Thanks to the rapid mobilization of all the IPTO teams - in Northern Greece but not only - and of IPTO’s partners and, foremost, thanks to the titanic effort made by the system operation technicians for the last two 24 hours, the damage was repaired earlier than estimated.

One has also to thank the subcontractors of IPTO - who contributed with their own workforce to the repair - and the efficient coordination from the very beginning with all institutional stakeholders, namely the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry for Citizen’s Safety and the local authorities.

As soon as they were aware of the incident (a fall of two high-voltage wires) on Wednesday night, the technicians of IPTO rushed to the spot and secured the transmission line in order to avoid any danger. Along with the restoration work, which continued intensively day and night, the TSO secured available generators for the supply of critical infrastructure (hospitals, health centers, fire brigades, police stations etc.), while with the help of the distribution system operator (HEDNO) some power supply could be provided via the medium voltage network from the Moudania region.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IPTO, Mr Manos Manoussakis, and the Management of IPTO thanked the company’s staff and teamworkers who handled a difficult situation and did everything to repair the damage - which had no precedent in the history of the Hellenic Power Transmission System - as quickly as possible. They also thanked the inhabitants of the area of Kassandria for the patience they have shown and expressed their warmest condolences to the families of the seven victims of the severe storm in Halkidiki.