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TSOs’ R&D projects will benefit society mainly via improving electricity network management, reducing carbon emissions and developing more efficient business models & market designs. For most projects, exploitation of results is foreseen to begin in less than 5 years. However, most results need significant investment before they can be exploited.

ENTSO-E’s RD&I Monitoring Report 2018 assesses the progress of European TSO-related research and development (RD&I) activities defined in ENTSO-Es RD&I Roadmap 2017–2026. This report is based on a survey of 57 R&D projects. To complete this sample, 131 additional projects in the field of digitalisation, as well as 18 projects related to flexibility services were considered in less details.

The results of this R&D Monitoring Report will be used to assign action priorities for updating the ENTSO-E RD&I Roadmap, in particular to improve the capturing of macro-trends such as the digitalisation of power systems, decentralisation of operations, and sector coupling. The new RD&I Roadmap will be released later this year.

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