Connecting the dots between all parties across the whole electricity value chain is recognized by the EU as the way forward as it has the greatest potential in terms of value creation and efficiency. This ‘connecting the dots’ exercise is made more possible than ever by digitisation.

With the network codes and the Clean Energy For All Europeans Package, the EU has set the transformation in motion and it is now taking pace by funding a 21 million euros research project gathering 42 partners from network and market operators, aggregators, service and technology providers as well as universities, with a focus on creating new connections/ interfaces in the electricity system.

Starting in 2019 and over 3 years, INTERRFACE will connect market platforms by designing, developing and exploiting a common architecture with standardized products and processes. This will allow a seamless, transparent and non-discriminatory exchange of energy services across the power system. INTERRFACE will also ease customer participation by working on market signals based on specific locations and grid conditions. It will promote the use of state-of-the-art digital technologies commonly used by customers, for example in e-commerce, and adapt them to the electricity value chain.

The return on investment of the INTERRFACE project will be measured in terms of increased societal welfare through higher renewables integration, greater energy and cost efficiency and more choice and leadership for customers.