European Commission approves 2d ENTSO-E Guideline For Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of Grid Development Projects

This new CBA guideline, which substitutes the 1st version published in February 2015, consists of a detailed methodology that consistently allows the assessment of TYNDP transmission and storage projects across Europe. Its results are also used by the European Commission to select the European Commission Project of Common Interest (PCI).

This new methodology is the result of “learning by implementing” and of taking into account stakeholders, member states, regulators and the European Commission’s suggestions over a three-year development process. The Regulation (EC) 347/2013 mandates ENTSO-E to draft the European Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology which is in turn approved by the European Commission.

Along with the CBA guideline itself, ENTSO-E also publishes in the same document accompanying information on the compliance of the present CBA with the European Regulation, the changes that were made between CBA 1 and CBA 2, the way ENTSO-E responded to stakeholders input and to the official opinion of the European Commission, and the roadmap for future evolutions of the CBA.

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