ENTSO-E and ENTSOG are calling for candidates to join the prime movers group of stakeholders to participate in the focus study on interlinkage between gas and electricity scenarios and infrastructure projects assessment.

Taking consideration of the feedback received during the kick off workshop held on 17 May, the ENTSOs are planning for further stakeholder involvement in the focus study process. The creation of this prime movers group will give the involved stakeholders the opportunity to follow the study closely and allow the ENTSOs to benefit from their feedback while complying with the challenging timeline of the study.

Members of the prime movers group will be provided with the material summarising the outcomes of each deliverable and invited to discuss them and provide their feedback at a webinar organised 4 days after the delivery of the material.

Prime Movers Group Members should commit to attend each of the four webinars (one for each task), and are encouraged to maintain a constant representation throughout the study. It is anticipated that these webinars will take place in June, July, September and October 2018.

The full schedule of the study including dates of the webinars is available here.

To register, send an email to futuregrid@entsoe.eu

We are looking forward to working with you!