Beginning of March 2017, ENTSO-E and the respective Working Group hosted a public workshop on the topic of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) relevant for the application of the Connection Codes. The workshop was realized upon suggestion of the Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committee (GC ESC), aiming at exploring whether improvements in the initial version of the IGD are needed.

The conclusion of this workshop was to establish an Expert Group (EG) to elaborate further on this topic and finally provide an improved version where stakeholders‘ expectations are reasonably met. The Terms of References (ToRs) for this EG can be found here.

ENTSO-E and stakeholders within this EG have been working since April, drafting the IGD on CBA according to the ToRs. Monthly exchanges among the members of the EG led to completing a commonly accepted version of the IGD in December 2017.

After a period of one-month public consultation (29. January 2018 – 02. March 2018), ENTSO-E is now launching the final version of this IGD as well as the Response to the comments received during this consultation period. The Response was also validated by the EG.