The electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) of Continental Europe1 have signed agreements with Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica late June on the Conditions for the Future Interconnection of the power system of Ukraine and Moldova with the power system of Continental Europe. This agreement has now come into force.

Before any interconnection can be achieved, Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica will have to implement in the next five years a catalogue of measures including a series of technical requirements. These measures will include in the near future adherence to the rules under new EU Guidelines on System Operation which are expected to enter into force this year.

ENTSO-E’s role is to facilitate the cooperation and coordination between TSOs to ensure effective and transparent access to the transmission networks and to provide coordinated and forward-looking planning.

Supporting the technical evolution of the transmission system, including the creation of interconnection capacities with third-party TSOs, is a fundamental aspect of ENTSO-E’s remit. Sharing best practices on traditional and new issues will help all involved parties on their way towards a sustainable energy future. ENTSO-E has recently published its recommendations in this regard.

ENTSO-E has organised in Kiev on 4 and 5 July, a workshop with Ukrenergo to discuss electricity system development, market and operations. Data concerning the Ukraine power system are also now available on ENTSO-E’s real-time market data platform:

1. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity**, ENTSO-E,** is an association of 43 European Transmission System Operators**, TSOs,** from 36 countries, including the synchronously interconnected TSOs in Continental Europe; TSOs in the Nordic countries; TSOs in Great Britain; TSOs in Ireland and TSOs in the Baltic countries. The electrical transmission systems of Continental Europe are synchronously interconnected and comprise the so-called Continental Europe Synchronous Area, **CESA.** Within ENTSO-E, the Regional Group Continental Europe decides on the extension of CESA by setting the technical prerequisites and by monitoring the compliance and performance of the candidate system before connection. The TSOs of CESA adhere to a set of technical and operational rules and principles gathered in one document, the Operation Handbook. The Operation Handbook will be replaced by a Synchronous Area Operational Agreement in line with the future EU regulation establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation. [↩](#fnref%3a1)