MARI, PICASSO, TERRE and IGCC are the TSOs’ projects for establishing the European mFRR and aFRR, RR and imbalance netting platforms, the key deliverables of the European regulation establishing a guideline on electricity balancing (the ‘EB Regulation’). These European platforms will enhance the efficiency of balancing in Europe and integrate balancing energy markets, promoting the possibilities for exchanging balancing energy while contributing to operational security.

All TSOs via ENTSO-E aim to keep stakeholders informed of the evolution of the European platforms while gathering their feedback for future developments. Therefore, the balancing projects in collaboration with ENTSO-E are organising a public online workshop on 30 November 2023.

For more information, please see the agenda.

Presentation materials for PICASSO, IGCC, MARI and TERRE are available for your reference:

2023 Balancing Platforms Stakeholders’ Workshop

Q&A document for PICASSO & IGCC, MARI and TERRE is available for your reference.