Conference on Adaptation & Resilience

“Climate change directly affects every segment of the electricity system altering generation potential and efficiency, testing physical resilience of transmission and distribution networks, and changing demand patterns”. (IEA report on Climate resilience)

Is our electricity infrastructure resilient enough to withstand extreme weather events? How can our energy system adapt to the impacts of climate change? ENTSO-E and the Renewable Energy Grid Initiative (RGI) are organising an online conference to help answering these questions and kick-start a discussion on the necessary steps to prepare the energy system for the future.

Experts on climate change, energy infrastructure and policies will discuss the actions required to adjust to the realities of climate change. In particular, they will debate the following topics:

  • What are the key elements we need to consider when planning a robust and resilient renewable energy system?
  • What is needed to successfully embed adaptation needs of energy infrastructure into modelling and planning processes?

Agenda is available here.

Join us for this future-thinking discussion on 14 March.