All NEMOs in co-operation with ENTSO-E will organise a seminar in Brussels to provide market participants and stakeholders information on the published „CACM Annual Report 2021“ with details on intraday and dayahead coupling. The seminar will also address the first months of operation of the Core Flow-based Market Coupling.

The fourth CACM Annual Report, prepared by the Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) in cooperation with Transmission System Operators (TSOs), monitors the implementation of the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management Regulation (CACM Regulation) and the associated Algorithm methodology. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the single day-ahead coupling (SDAC) and single intraday coupling (SIDC) operations in 2021 and gives a broad outline of the current and future performance of market coupling algorithms and the R&D activities undertaken.

The seminar will focus on the 2021 data of the market couplings and the first 100 days of operation of the Core Flow-based Market Coupling. In addition, a policy session with guest speakers will be held focusing on the upcoming changes and challenges for 2023.

The detailed agenda is available.

Recording of CACM Annual Report 2021 Seminar is available on ENTSO-E YouTube channel.