Climate change is the greatest challenge now facing humanity. Ahead of COP26, the global, European and Mediterranean associations of electricity transmission system and grid operators, GO15, ENTSO-E and Med-TSO join forces to organise a global online conference to debate the role of electricity grids in enabling the fast-paced and unprecedented energy transition which is needed to meet net-zero by 2050.

CEOs from TSOs in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States will debate with representatives from International and European institutions on how to rapidly deliver a climate-neutral, resilient, and cost-efficient power system which supports greener economies and societies. By connecting new and more remote generation sources to consumption centres, by allowing the leveraging of complementary energy mixes across borders, and by enabling the reduction of emissions far beyond the energy system, electricity grids have an important contribution to make on the road to climate-neutrality.

The conference on 20 October will be an occasion for the three associations to reaffirm their commitment in enabling the global cooperative action of their Members in addressing climate change.

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The agenda is available here.