Seven years ago, RGI launched the European Grid Declaration. In it, RGI and its NGO and TSO Members made a bold commitment to jointly work on our energy future from now on, and to learn about and apply good practice in the development of an electricity grid that serves a renewables-based energy system.

In this webinar, we want to share with you some flagship TSO-NGO projects that are currently being run in order to make this pledge a reality:

Lavorare insieme per lavorare meglio– Working together to work better: a project run by Italian NGO Legambiente, Italian TSO Terna and RGI aiming to explain the role of the grid in the energy transition, increase transparency in decision-making for new projects and enable “better projects” through improved regulatory recognition.

Debatte Stromnetze gestalten – Shaping the Grid Debate: a project by Germanwatch, 50Hertz, TenneT and RGI to bring forward and de-emotionalise the public debate around grid development.

Vogelfund Portal – Portal for birdstrike: a project by German BirdLife - NABU, Amprion, TenneT, TransnetBW, 50Hertz, RGI and the DSOs Netze BW and Westnetz aimed at documenting birdstrikes on powerlines and increasing mitigation.

All projects have been running for several years by now and we can confirm that this type of collaboration can really make a difference when handling challenges at national and local level.

Interested in learning from our experiences so far? Please join us for the webinar