EU cohesion, data artificial intelligence, climate framework – these are some of the biggest uncertainties transmission and distribution system operator leaders have to deal with in the coming years according to the World Energy Council’s Issues Monitor 2019. This is the first edition of the Monitor that includes the views of TSO and DSO managers – besides the 2300 energy leaders that were interviewed for this study. The Issues Monitor is seeking answers for these 2 questions: what keeps energy leaders awake at night and what keeps them busy at work?


Join us and find out which topics will have the biggest impact on the world of the TSOs and DSOs!

This webinar is organised by ENTSO-E Business Network for Innovation, which is creating new ecosystem of energy transition players, centering around innovation, and driven by a business perspective. With this, ENTSO-E seeks to advance on the urgent questions of our time and to contribute to the shortening of the time from idea to market.