EventHorizon is the leading summit for the energy blockchain industry in the world. The most constructive disruptors building the future of energy in keynotes, pitches, panels, show-cases and performances at the event. EventHorizon is where the Energy Community gathers to develop a customer focused, fair energy future bringing together the Who’s Who of both the traditional energy market and the innovative blockchain entrepreneurs.

There has been a steep learning curve in this young industry since the EventHorizon first edition in 2017, when it explored the possibilities of an energy specific blockchain. Last year’s event empowered first movers in the space proving their concepts. In May 2019 the Energy Web goes live and create the first block, shooting us to the point of no return: Welcome to Genesis.

EventHorizon isn’t just another conference, it is bringing together experienced industry leaders with the visionary engineers of future of the energy market. Experimenting, iterating, innovating and learning together to solve shared problems around energy, environment, infrastructure and regulations. Taking one of the most reliable and restricted industries into the digital age.

For more information go to: https://eventhorizonsummit.com