The future of electricity grid will be clean, seamless, cost-effective from generation to end-use, and capable of meeting the capacity requirements. The increasingly smarter grids need to monitor and adapt to any occurring events and incorporate properly a variety of generation addressing the flexibility needs. The information and communication technologies are of key importance in this development. What is the added value of AI and satellite technologies in future grids? How does AI increase intelligent grid adaptability? What are the opportunities of satellite communications by facilitating data transferring? Where is the AI and space technologies collaboration headed?

Join ENTSO-E in exploring the world of space-enabled technologies and provide answers to these questions!


AI webinar

This webinar is organised by ENTSO-E Business Network for Innovation, which is creating new ecosystem of energy transition players, centering around innovation, and driven by a business perspective. With this, ENTSO-E seeks to advance on the urgent questions of our time and to contribute to the shortening of the time from idea to market. Find more information and join the network here!

Event Details

24 April 2019, 12:30 - 13:50