The purpose of this webinar was to present the final Scenario Storylines. The release of the storylines is an intermediate step within the scenario building process. The webinar provided an overview of how stakeholders’ views have contributed to the development of the Scenario Storylines during last year’s consultation process. Furthermore, first qualitative and quantitative results of the ENTSOs’ Scenarios were presented.

On 29 May 2018, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG published the draft Scenario Storylines for their 2020 Scenarios. A public consultation followed from 2 July to 14 September 2018.


• Scenario Storyline selection

• (Summary of) Scenario Storyline consultation feedback

• Final Scenario Storylines:

  • Carbon budget approach
  • Gas supply assumptions and P2G methodologies
  • Power market modelling
  • EU28 annual energy demand/supply figures

• Next Steps


Slides presented during the webinar

Final ENTSOs TYNDP 2020 Scenario Storylines report

Questions asked and ENTSOs’ answers during the webinar