The FCR Cooperation TSOs is organising a workshop about the future development of the FCR market and the implementation of the already approved market design changes as described in the proposal towards the national regulators.

On 9/1/2017, the FCR Cooperation TSOs launched a public consultation to get stakeholder input on the future of the FCR market (the results can be found here). As a result of this, the FCR Cooperation TSOs launched a second public consultation on 15/2/2018 and submitted the aforementioned proposal to national regulators. However, this proposal covers only a part of the market design and we would like to continue the developments by tackling different harmonization aspects.


  • Introduction
  • Review FCR stakeholder consultations
  • Implementation FCR market design changes 2019 & 2020
  • Harmonisation of FCR market rules:
  • Aggregation
  • Power Meter Location
  • Back-up requirement
  • Monitoring
  • Penalties


19 February 2019, 10:00-18:00


ENTSO-E, Avenue de Cortenbergh 100, 1000 Brussels, Belgium \ Room C100 – COULOMB & C100 - FARADAY


Please send your registration to as soon as possible and indicate:

• Subject: FCR cooperation Stakeholders Workshop \ • Your name and company \ • Your preference for participation: a) webcast; b) physical presence