PowerFacts Europe 2019

ENTSO-E and its member TSOs are strongly committed to transparency and to sharing data. When talking about Europe’s electricity system, why do we need to consider more than just the sustainability, market and security of supply? Why should we open the energy policy triangle? How are TSOs contributing to developing transparency? What kind of data does ENTSO-E collect and publish? How does the collection and sharing of this data empower citizens and their contribution to Europe’s energy transition?

This webinar invites you to a lively discussion with ENTSO-E on how to boost further transparency in the European power system. Join the conversation!



This webinar is organised by ENTSO-E Business Network for Innovation, which is creating new ecosystem of energy transition players, centering around innovation, and driven by a business perspective. With this, ENTSO-E seeks to advance on the urgent questions of our time and to contribute to the shortening of the time from idea to market. Find more information and join the network here!

Event Details

5 February 2019, 12:30 - 13:50