ENTSO-E is constantly looking to improve the pan-European methodologies for infrastructure development plans. With two CBA guidelines already developed and approved by the European Commission, ENTSO-E is continuing the discussion on CBA development in order to even better capture the transmission and storage projects’ benefits and costs.

The CBA guideline that should result from this exercise - CBA 3.0 - will be used for assessing transmission and storage projects in the TYNDP 2020.

This workshop is meant to present the draft version of the 3rd CBA Guideline before the launch of the public consultation related to it. It targets CBA users and experts and looks for their expertise to comment on the proposed.

This event is built around the need of presenting what are the innovations of the 3rd CBA guideline, their rationale and what has led to these updates together with collecting the first feedbacks right at the launch of the consultation phase. The outcome of this workshop will support ENTSO-E in further streamlining the next steps toward the final version of the 3rd CBA Guideline.


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