The UK has committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions, with consequent constraints to its energy policy. The long term reduction goal for carbon emissions is 80 percent decrease by the year 2050, working towards a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, and identified business opportunities in so doing: cleaner, smarter energy.

ENTSO-E is delighted to be partnering with Future Power Networks, the must-attend event for stakeholders in the power networks transition. A high-level audience will address ways to accelerate and mainstream the UK’s energy transition through real cases studies and proactive sessions and how to benefit and create opportunities from these challenges.

The two-day conference will broach topics such as

  • The changing utility market, and how new entrants from the technology sector could bring about rapid change,
  • The transition from DNOs to DSOs,
  • The rise of virtual power plants and the role they stand to play in the provision of much-needed system flexibility,
  • A deep dive into Ofgem’s RIIO 2 and what it means for DSO business plans, and
  • The positioning of emerging technology and software solutions such as block chain and the internet of things in the future energy marketplace.

Future Power Networks will be taking place on the 25-26 September in London and if you book before the 25 June you can save £300 on your ticket.

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