The Energy Roadmap 2050 of the European Commission and the Energy Union strategy fully support the aim of decarbonising the European economy. Building on the previous European Technology Platform on SG (Smart Grids) Vision, the European Energy Vision for 2030, the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan, the ETIP SNET Vision for 2050 is:

A low-carbon, secure, reliable, resilient, accessible, cost-efficient, and market-based pan-European integrated energy system supplying the whole economy and paving the way for a fully CO2-neutral and circular economy by the year 2050, while maintaining and extending global industrial leadership in energy systems during the energy transition.

Implementing the ETIP SNET Vision 2050 will require major investments for the large-scale deployment of energy conversion and storage devices, the upgrade and extension of the energy networks, and the use of digital solutions. These costs will be offset by the optimized welfare to society through the coupling of the various energy networks and their components as well as the avoided costs of climate change in the upcoming decades, while utilising locally available resources. As estimated by the IEA, the costs of not acting now could be worth several times the cost of investing against climate change.

The ETIP SNET Vision 2050 Document is due to be released on the 27th of June 2018.

The draft agenda for the launch event can be viewed here.

Keep watching the ETIP SNET dedicated space for future updates.