For the first time in 2018, both ENTSOs have pooled efforts to develop a common set of scenarios, building on their combined expertise and modelling capabilities as well as on the input received from dozens of stakeholders from the industry, NGOs, National Regulatory Authorities and Member States. This is an important change since the gas and electricity sectors are both impacted by the same transition towards decarbonisation and developments in one sector can affect the other.

On the basis of work already undertaken, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG are investigating further the interlinkage between gas and electricity scenarios and infrastructure project assessment by launching a joint focus study, investigating:

  • all possible interactions between the gas and electricity sectors (including on the end-user side, or interactions related to electricity and gas prices)

  • relevant gas and electricity infrastructure interactions

While it is clear that gas and electricity markets are interdependent (e.g., higher demand for gas for electricity production generally entails higher gas prices), the specific mechanisms as well as the amplitude of those interdependencies are not entirely clear. ENTSOs aim at better understanding which interlinked elements are relevant and are worth considering in methodologies or tools.

On this basis, the ENTSOs intend to amend their Interlinked Model in view of its submission for Commission’s approval, in line with the opinions received from ACER and Commission and in line with the regulatory process as set by Art 11.8 of Regulation (EU) 347/2013.

The ENTSOs will host a workshop on 17 May as a preliminary step, so that stakeholders can express views and ideas on the relevant interactions between both energy systems, and on gas and electricity projects interactions.

An agenda and link to registration will be available very soon!