Common Information Model (CIM) for Energy Markets

To harmonise and implement standardised electronic data interchange, since 2009 ENTSO-E has supported the integration, at an international level, of Member TSOs’ business requirements and use cases into the Common Information Model (CIM), and contributions to its further development. For market-related exchanges, this has been achieved through ENTSO-E’s liaison with the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57 and Working Group 16 (IEC TC 57 / WG 16).

The IEC TC 57 (Power System Management and Associated Information Exchange) is currently developing the IEC CIM 62325 series of standards for the exchange of data required by deregulated energy markets. WG 16 (Deregulated Energy Markets) is developing these standards as a framework for energy market communications encompassing two market styles: European style and North American style markets.

The IEC 62325 Series of Standards

The foundation of the IEC 62325 series, are the:

  • IEC 62325-301 “CIM extensions for markets” standard, which is an abstract model that caters for the introduction of the objects required for the operation of electricity markets; and

  • IEC 62325-450 “Profile and context modelling rules,” the International Standard for the generation of profiles.

Based on these two standards, the IEC 62325-351 “CIM European market model exchange profile” International Standard, and the IEC 62325-451-‘X’ set of standards, which are built on this CIM profile, are being maintained and further developed, notably for Europe’s internal electricity market (IEM).

The European style market profile (ESMP), as defined in IEC 62325-351, provides the core components for use in the IEC 62325-451-‘X’ standards, which target specific core business processes within Europe’s internal electricity market, such as scheduling, settlement, capacity allocation and nomination, acknowledgement, etc.

In detail, the IEC CIM 62325 series of standards currently consists of:

International Standards

Technical Specifications

Coming Standards

Coming Technical Specifications


For further information on the CIM for energy market and ENTSO-E’s related activities, please contact Olivier Aine, Standardisation & Interoperability Advisor.

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  • ENTSO-E Electronic Data Interchange work products - EDI Library
  • IEC TC 57 WG 16 Deregulated Energy Market Communications

Interoperability (IOP) Tests

​​​​ENTSO-E’s contribution to the CIM on the one hand, relates to bringing Member TSOs’ and European electricity market requirements and use cases in general into the CIM; and on the other hand, to conducting the necessary interoperability (IOP) tests to ensure conformity of the standards with the business requirements.

Since July 2012, ENTSO-E has been conducting interoperability tests on the IEC CIM 62325 series of standards for the electricity market, where European Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Transmission Capacity Allocators (TCAs), Transmission Capacity Auction Offices and Market Management System (MMS) software providers are invited to participate.

The IOP tests aim to demonstrate that the IEC 62325-451-‘X’ series of standards, each satisfies the information requirements for the corresponding business processes in the European style market profile, and that the IEC 62325-301 (CIM) and IEC 62325-351 (European style market profile) are consistent.

The results of all the IOP tests conducted have been in line with expectations and are summarised in the corresponding final IOP reports, which have been approved by ENTSO-E’s Market Committee, and conclude that:

  • The work carried out on the IEC 62325-301, “CIM extensions for market”, IEC 62325-351, “CIM European market model exchange profile” and IEC 62325-451-1, 2 and 3 standards, “Acknowledgement business process and contextual model for CIM European market”, “Scheduling business process and contextual model for European market”, and “Transmission capacity allocation business process (explicit or implicit auction) and contextual models for European market”, is in line with the business requirements;
  • There are no major deficiencies in the standards;
  • The standards include all the capabilities needed to support the exchanges already implemented within ENTSO-E.

To facilitate the migration to IEC CIM 62325 series, and the transformation of ENTSO-E’s xml files into IEC CIM 62325 ones and vice-versa.​

​ENTSO-E schema and stylesheet to convert to CIM instances

All related announcements, final reports and test data for all IOP tests conducted up to now on the CIM 62325 series for the Electricity Market can be found in the table below.

Any questions on the ENTSO-E CIM for the Electricity Market IOP tests should be directed to

CIM for Energy Markets



​6th IOP - 2015

5th IOP - 2014

18/09/2014: IOP final test report published

4th IOP - 2013
(IEC 62325-451-4 & 62325-451-5)

11/02/2014: 4th IOP final test report published

18/12/2013: 4th IOP test completed

17/10/2013: 4th IOP registration opened

3rd IOP - 2013
(IEC 62325-451-3)

25/10/2013: 3rd IOP final test report published
30/08/2013: 3rd IOP test completed
29/05/2013: 3rd IOP registration opened

2nd IOP - 2012
(IEC 62325-451-1 & 2)

28/01/2013: 2nd IOP final test report published
19/12/2012: 2nd IOP CIM testing
19/10/2012: 2nd IOP registration opened

1st IOP - 2011
(IEC 62325-451-1)

19/10/2012: 1st IOP final test report published

17/07/2012: 1st IOP CIM testing
13/12/2011: 1st IOP registration opened

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