Manual of Procedures (MoP)

The Manual of Procedures, as required in Article 5 of Regulation 543/2013, is a technical guide which has been developed by ENTSO-E following discussions with stakeholders, a public consultation and review by ACER.

  1. Details and format of the submission of data by primary owners to TSOs;

  2. Standardized ways and formats of data communication and exchange between primary owners of data, TSOs, data providers and ENTSO-E;

  3. Technical and operational criteria which data providers would need to fulfil when providing data to the central information transparency platform;

  4. Appropriate classification of production types referred to Articles 14(1), 15(1) and 16(1) of the Regulation.

MoP particularly addresses primary owners of data, data providers and data consumers. It nevertheless generally aims at providing any party with all the information necessary to submit or extract data to or from ENTSO-E Transparency Platform. The structure of MoP is given below:


Updates on MoP

MoP and related documents published under latest version V2.1 contain the changes agreed as the result of the revision process by ENTSO-E in close cooperation with ACER and other Stakeholders. They address the Transparency Platform stakeholders needs in terms of increased data quality, easiness of use and data quality. These introduced updates refer but are not limited to the descriptions of the definitions on congestion management (re-dispatching items is to be confirmed); unavailability of consumption units; unavailability of generation and production units as well as anticipated operational improvements in terms of alternative ways of data download and support service level.

The balancing data items might still change due to the voted Electricity Balancing Guideline that is coming into force soon and will set extra requirements on the Transparency Platform (Article 12). The detailed description document provides an overview of all the data items that are published on the platform.

## MoP phases

In order to arrange the above mentioned multiple changes in MoP, a Deployment Plan has been prepared in two phases:

MoP phase I

MoP phase II

The new version of MoP documents shall be applicable once the Deployment Plan is executed. Transition period is foreseen when both current and future data submissions are supported by the TP. This will allow data providers to implement the changes on their side accordingly to the capabilities. In order to participate in testing the developed tools, please contact

Update on Transparency Platform Vision Project

Transparency platform (TP) vision project is focused on redesigning the Graphical User Interface (GUI), improving data quality via integrated reporting, updating the MoP, and other technological upgrades. Therefore, to facilitate a smooth transition from EMPIF to TP vision, ENTSO-E conducted the Data Providers Workshop on 14th September 2017 which highlighted the scope of MoP changes, consequences of MoP changes on data providers, transitory measures and changes in TP, and TP vision.

Download the documents related to this workshop.

For any further questions on Transparency Platform, please contact Mark Csete​.

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