Manual of Procedures (MoP)

Manual of Procedures (MoP), as required in Article 5 of Regulation 543/2013 is a technical guide, developed by ENTSO-E following the discussions with Stakeholders, a Public Consultation and review by ACER. The high-level description of MoP is given as follows:

  • Details and format of the submission of data by primary owners to TSOs;
  • Standardized ways and formats of data communication and exchange between primary owners of data, TSOs, data providers and ENTSO-E;
  • Technical and operational criteria which data providers would need to fulfil when providing data to the central information transparency platform;
  • Appropriate classification of production types referred to Articles 14(1), 15(1) and 16(1) of the Regulation.

MoP particularly addresses primary owners of data, data providers and data consumers. It nevertheless generally aims at providing any party with all the information necessary to submit or extract data to or from ENTSO-E Transparency Platform. Documentations related to the first version of the MoP are available here

MoP Revisions

Since the go-live of the ENTSO-E Transparency platform, two revisions are made to the MoP, described as follows:

MoP Revision v2.1

MoP and correlated documentations under version v2.1, are the outcome of the revision process conducted by ENTSO-E, in close cooperation with ACER and other Stakeholders. This version addresses the Transparency Platform Stakeholders needs in terms of good data quality, as well as the easiness to use the published data on the platform. Documentations related to MoP version v2.1 are available here.

MoP Revision v3.1

In order to meet the transparency requirements stemming from Commission Regulation (EU) No 543/2013 of 14 June 2013 (TR) Article 5 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 (EB GL) Article 12.5, ENTSO-E has revised and amended the MoP for its Central Transparency Platform. New publication requirements under EB GL Article 12, have resulted in re-grouping the regulation articles of EB GL and TR.

There are six main categories foreseen, i.e., Balancing capacity, Balancing energy, Cross-zonal capacity, Financial system balance, System balance, and Rules, Terms and Conditions, foreseen under the section Balancing, where the data items will be grouped (as sub-chapters). This would help the reader of the document to understand the relation and provide a comprehensive display of the data on the platform. In addition, there are overlapping regulation articles between EB GL and TR identified, therefore to explain the assessment of these overlaps, ENTSO-E drafted an explanative document, highlighting the reasons why the publication of these articles should be ceased, and ran a consultation within the ENTSO-E Transparency User Group (ETUG). The assessment of the received comments are provided here. Documentations related to MoP version v3.1 are available here

MoP Revision v3.2

MoP v3.1 is upgraded to v3.2, incorporating the amendments related to:

  • TR art. 11.2 (Intraday offered cross-zonal capacity): The snapshot of the most recent values of the offered capacity for explicit and implicit allocations is published, every 15 mins on the platform. The full evolution of the offered capacity is made available for download.
  • EB GL art. 12.3.h & i (Allocation and use of cross-zonal balancing capacity): aggregated reporting of market values, costs and benefits is introduced.
  • EB GL art. 12.3.d (Information on bid conversion into standard products), 12.3.g (Terms and conditions) & 12.3.j (Approved methodologies): The area concepts for the reporting of the PDF documents are clarified. Documentations related to MoP version v3.2 are available here

MoP Revision v3.3

MoP v3.2 is upgraded to v3.3, incorporating the amendments related to:

  • Definitions of Downward and Upward regulation, mapping them to “positive” and “negative” “balancing energy”
  • Clarification on phasing out Local products
  • Separate publication of prices (TR 17.1.f) and activated energy volumes (EB GL 12.3.e) for central versus local selection of standard aFRR product bids

Moreover, new documents related to the publication requirements stemming from the System Operation Guideline (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/1485) and Balancing Implementation Frameworks were added to the MoP v3.3. Documentations related to MoP version v3.3 are available here

MoP Revision v3.4

MoP v3.3 is being upgraded to v3.4, incorporating the amendments related to:

  • Under TR article 11.1.b, de-anonymisation of the transmission assets and publication of additional parameters relevant to flow-based allocations.
  • Introduced continuous allocations. Renamed publication under Transparency Regulation (TR) art. 12.1.d to Energy prices and introduced support for voluntary publication of intraday energy prices.
  • Production type “Energy Storage” introduced to represent batteries.
  • A number of other improvements of descriptions for existing data publications as well as new data publications.

Documentation related to MoP v3r4 can be found here

Deployment phases

MoP v2.1

ENTSO-E successfully implemented the MoP v2.1 on the platform, while majority of the data providers will complete their local implementation on their side by Q2 2019.

MoP v3.1 to MoP v3.2

The planned go-live for the implementation of MoP v3.1 is December 2019, which is now upgraded to MoP v3.2. Transition period is foreseen when both current and future data submissions are supported by the platform. This would allow data providers to implement the changes accordingly on their end.

Transparency Platform Vision Project

Transparency platform (TP) Vision Project addresses the upgrade of existing ENTSO-E Transparency platform targeting systematized approach towards the improvement of wider range of quality data publication in order to meet the transparency requirements stemming from various Guidelines. It focusses towards the evolution of the platform from a legally mandated application to a market serving tool. Redesigning the Graphical User Interface (GUI), improving data quality via integrated reporting system, revising the MoP in relation to Electricity Balancing and System Operation Guidelines, and incorporating various technological upgrades, are the overall objectives of the project.

Data Providers Workshop

In order to facilitate a smooth transition from EMPIF to TP Vision Project, ENTSO-E conducted the Data Providers Workshop on September 14th, 2017, which highlighted the scope of MoP revision v2.1, consequences of these revisions on data providers, transitory measures and changes on platform, and TP Vision. More details related to this workshop are available here.

ENTSO-E also conducted a dedicated two-day training for data providers on January 30th and 31st, 2019, which was focussed to explain the technicalities related to the platform, new data items stemming from various Guidelines, and hands-on experience with integrated reporting system via tableau tool, developed under TP Vision project. More details related to this workshop are available here.