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Manual of Procedures

​The Manual of Procedures, as required in Article 5 of Regulation 543/2013, is a technical guide which has been developed by ENTSO-E following discussions with stakeholders, a public consultation and review by ACER.

a. details and format of the submission of data;

b. standardised ways and formats of data communication and exchange between primary owners of data, TSOs, data providers and ENTSO-E;

c. technical and operational criteria which data providers would need to fulfil when providing data to the central information transparency​ platform; and

d. appropriate classification of production types referred to Articles 14(1), 15(1) and 16(1) of the Regulation.​

The Manual of Procedures particularly addresses primary owners of data, data providers and data consumers. It nevertheless generally aims at providing any party with all the information necessary to submit or extract data to or from the Central Information Transparency Platform

Please see the below links for the current version of the Manual of Procedures and related documents.

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