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Energy Identification Codes (EICs)

​Over many years, initially within ETSO’s Task Force Electronic Data Interchange and subsequently within ENTSO-E’s Working Group Electronic Data Interchange, a coding scheme has been developed, managed and maintained to facilitate cross-border exchanges and to efficiently and reliably identify different objects and parties relating to the Internal Energy Market (IEM) and its operations.

This is known as the Energy Identification Coding (EIC) scheme, approved by ENTSO-E for the harmonisation and implementation of standardised electronic data interchanges.

The scheme is supported by a central issuing office (CIO – ENTSO-E’s Secretariat) and ENTSO-E-authorised local issuing offices (LIOs) across Europe. These LIOs are electricity and gas Transmission System Operators along with third party associations such as A&B, APCS, BDEW, DVGW, EFET and ENTSOG, which, in liaison with taxation offices also, are responsible for the EIC scheme operations.

In this section, through the right-hand menu, you will find EIC code lists, documentation and local issuing office website links.

Any questions on ENTSO-E’s Energy Identification Code scheme and its supporting structure should be directed to: cio-admin@entsoe.eu.

For any further information relevant to EDI please contact Ioannis Daoutidis at ​