ENTSO-E Board Meetings

Board meeting of 6 February 2020

Date: 6 February 2020
Time: 08:30 – 15:00
Place: ENTSO-E premises, avenue de Cortenbergh 100, 1000 Brussels


1. Welcome, attendance, adoption of the draft agenda


  • The Board approves the agenda, subject to adding the following points under any other business: an update on the status of the System Operation Regions Proposal, the update of the Terms of References from the System Operation Committee and the preparation of ENTSO-E’s contributions to the Florence Forum.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of 21 November2019


  • The Board approves the Minutes of the 21 November 2019 Board meeting.

3. Secretary-General Orientations

3.1 Association Dashboard

3.2 EU Affairs update

3.3 ENTSO-E High Level Engagement Plan


  • The Board acknowledges the reportings for information.

4. Debrief from:

4.1 Digital committee meeting

4.2 Resources committee

4.3 TSDO DSO Steering Group


  • The Board acknowledges the debriefs for information.

5. Kick off of the work on the Active 2020+ Strategy


  • The Board acknowledges the status of the work and the implementation governance of ‘Active2020+’ as well as the heads-up on possible strategic topics for the agenda of the Board Strategy Workshop.

6. Strategic Framework of multi sectorial planning support for TYNDP


The Board:

  • acknowledges the “Strategic Framework of Multi Sectorial Planning Support for TYNDP” and asks the System Development Committee (SDC) to provide a Roadmap and first stakeholder mapping on this basis; and

  • mandates the SDC to further develop the Roadmap and to submit it to Board and Assembly approvals in Q2 2020.

7. Green Deal – Key Impact for ENTSO-E – proposal for next steps


  • The Board takes note of the Green Deal and the key priority areas as identified in the Green Deal communication for the TSO community and ENTSO-E.

8. Network Code (NC) and Clean Energy Package Implementation Programme:

8.1 Dashboard report including key program highlights (incl. outcome on the consultation on adequacy)


  • The Board notes the Network Codes and Clean Energy Package Implementation Programme Dashboard.

8.2 Approval of the Terms of Reference (ToR)


  • The Board approves the Terms of Reference of the NC and CEP Implementation Programme subject to amending the length of the rotation which should be 1 year.

8.3 Report on balancing platforms’ implementation – ACER strive for a `single entity’

8.4 Updates on Bidding zone status (letter from NRAs)

8.5 European MRC beyond the EU


The Board:

  • decides to give further guidance on the possible next steps to the ACER decisions on the implementation of the balancing platforms at the March Board meeting;

  • asks TSOs to ensure availability of resources on the Bidding Zone project; and

  • concerning the possibility of extending the market coupling beyond the boundaries of the EU, the Board recommends as a pre-condition to be admitted with observer status that any applicant gets from the European Commission a positive assessment of the current compliance of its legal framework.

9. Ukrenergo

9.1 Ukrenergo inclusion in the inter-TSOs Compensation (ITC) mechanism – approval of the response letter


  • The Board approves the sending of the letter to Ukrenergo as circulated in the session file.

9.2 Pan-European Market Modelling Data disclosure to Ukrenergo


  • The Board confirms the 27 November 2019 System Development Committee’s decision to approve the disclosure of ENTSO-E market modelling databases to NPC Ukrenergo as requested in its September 2019 letter.

10. Response to EC letter on third country involvement in capacity calculation – for approval


  • The Board approves the acknowledgement letter and recommends that ENTSO-E Secretariat sends it to the European Commission.

11. Status report:

11.1 CGM Programme status report

11.2 STA/OPC Programme status report


  • The Board acknowledges the CGM Programme and STA/OPC status report.

12. CGMES governance and conformity assessment - Dc recommendation for Board approval


The Board:

  • approves the proposed modifications of the CGMES governance process to be compliant with the already approved CIM EG ToR;

  • takes note of the approval the CGMES consolidated release (version 3.0) by SOC for standardization purpose only and not for compliance; and

  • approves the new assignment of bodies related to the CGMES conformity assessment framework.

13. Draft March 2020 Assembly agenda – for approval


  • The Board approves the draft agenda for the Assembly meeting of 26 March 2020 subject to changes agreed during the meeting.

14. Response to the Baltic Cable letter


The Board:

  • takes note of the 31 October 2019 Baltic Cable’s letter asking to become a member of ENTSO-E; and

  • asks the Secretariat as first step to respond to Baltic Cable’s letter by inviting it in ENTSO-E premise to get further clarity on their interest in joining the Association and propose Baltic Cable (i) in the short-term to enter a specific contractual arrangement (including treatment of costs) when it will meet Observer membership/All-TSOs requirements and (ii) in the long-term the proper status defined by Active 2020+ strategic roadmap.

15. AoB


The Board:

  • takes note of the preparation of ENTSO-E contribution the Florence Forum;

  • take note of the update of the Terms of Reference of the System Operation Committee that will be submitted for approval at the next Assembly meeting; and

  • takes note of the status of the System Operation Region Proposal.

16. Approval of Decisions


  • The Board approves the Decisions of the 6 February 2020 Board meeting.