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Voluntary Regional Group Isolated Systems

The members of the Voluntary Regional Group Isolated Systems (RG IS) are the following TSOs:

RG IS's main purpose is to pursue the reliable and efficient operation of isolated systems. The Group provides a framework for regional activities of the member TSOs in isolated systems within ENTSO-E. High on its agenda is the aspect of reliability related to the operation and security of isolated power systems in Europe.

To achieve this, the RG IS contributes to the development of the ENTSO-E operation network codes by maintaining, updating and developing technical and operational standards, tools and recommendations focussing on the specificities of isolated systems.

It develops technical and regulatory frameworks to improve the performance of isolated systems and enable the integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation, and proposes models to facilitate the integration and coordination of renewables and other distributed generation into distribution and transmission grids.

The aim of the Voluntary Regional Group Isolated System is to:

  • develop demand management schemes in isolated systems;
  • initiate and recommend harmonisation actions in the operational field of isolated systems;
  • cooperate with other regional groups to achieve technical compatibility of proposed operational solutions and proposed market and system development changes, and;
  • review and assess the impact of region-wide variances to the ENTSO-E codes on the reliable operation and security of isolated electricity transmission systems.