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Regional Group Baltic

The Regional Group Baltic (RGB) comprises the TSOs of the former BALTSO. The member TSOs are:

The tasks of the Regional Group Baltic include:

  • monitoring, analysing and reporting on power-system quality-level, changes and important network operation events on a regular basis;
  • organising and evaluating the possibility to integrate the Baltic power systems into pan-European operational standards;
  • ensuring the implementation of common development tools used in the Baltic TSOs’ operational environment;
  • ensuring that the development  of the electricity market in the Baltic region is in compliance with security and reliability standards of TSOs’ operation, and;
  • approving solutions that improve the reliability, security and efficiency of the synchronous operation of transmission systems.

Sub-groups of the Regional Group Baltic

At present, the Group has 1 active sub-group: Synchronous Operation (SG SO). The tasks of the sub-group are to harmonize power system operational planning and control issues at TSO level in the Baltic region, and to harmonize and update existing power system security and reliability standards with other TSOs of the BRELL (Belorussia, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) synchronous zone.

The sub-group manages all technical aspects related to ancillary services and balancing mechanisms/market management within the Baltic power systems. It monitors and reports on issues such as frequency deviations, faults and disturbances, performance of the load-frequency control (LFC) of the Baltic power systems. It also prepares the compliance monitoring for the Baltic TSOs.