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Working Group Critical System Protection

The reliable and secure operation of European transmission systems is only possible if the corresponding infrastructure is not endangered by natural phenomena or (adverse) human activity. Therefore, the protection of critical infrastructure must be ensured.

The Working Group Critical System Protection (WG CSP) copes with the development of critical system and infrastructure protection on European level. The European Commission (EC) published the “Directive on the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection” (EPCIP).

The WG CSP acts as a counterpart to the European Commission in critical system protection issues. The WG CSP is responsible for coordinating critical system protection issues regarding electricity transmission. The main function of the WG CSP is to follow the development of the critical infrastructure protection at European level, and to contribute to the dialog with the European Commission on critical infrastructure protection.

To ensure the management of sensitive information (maps, models, and data) and to cope with the discrepancy of sensitive information versus required transparency, the WG CSP acts in close contact with the experts of the ENTSO-E Secretariat and in cooperation with all committees and expert groups across the entire ENTSO-E association.