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System Operations


ENTSO-E’s system operation activities are overseen by the ENTSO-E System Operation Committee presided by Joachim Vanzetta from Amprion, Germany, as Chairman and by Duncan Burt from National Grid, UK, as Vice-Chairman. The Committee reports to the ENTSO-E Board and aAsembly.

All activities of the ENTSO-E system operation committee are supported by the ENTSO-E system operation secretariat team.


​What we do

System operations is the core activity of any transmission system operator (TSO). It covers the actions taken to ensure the optimal and secure operation of the grid in real-time.

The ENTSO-E System Operations activities are about:

  • Developing European operational standards notably through network codes;
  • Protecting critical infrastructure systems;
  • Developing and maintaining a common system operation channel: the Electronic Highway;
  • Developing a common model of the grid that can be used for system operation;
  • Defining a methodology for dealing with operational reserves – power reserves that can be activated to maintain the grid balanced;
  • Classification and follow up of operational incidents;
  • Promotion and enhancement of coordinated system operation and services notably through the regional service providers.

How we are organised

Currently there are a number of steering and working groups under the SOC committee.