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ENTSO-E R&D Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan is issued annually and outlines R&D activities for the next three years as stipulated by the ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap, covering short-term R&D activities. The Implementation Plan serves as a background for developing future calls for proposals through the European Energy Research and Innovation program.

Current available R&D resources at TSO side are insufficient to reach the R&D objectives in a reasonable time. TSO and regulatory commitment must be arranged to provide timely cost-effective and innovative solutions for future grids. The Implementation Plan defines the right R&D at the right time to ensure efficiency and reach the overall R&D objectives.

By addressing the priorities proposed within the ENTSO-E Implementation Plans, TSOs will be able to maintain electricity grid reliability while helping to achieve European climate and energy goals. It should be noted that it is necessary to follow the right timing of call for proposal announcements in order to fulfil the functional objectives of the R&D Roadmap.

Therefore, the task of defining priorities lies in an analysis of the results from monitoring the R&D achievements of the last years and the expected needs for the coming years. The procedures for granting projects as well as the duration of projects are among the important issues taken into account when defining priorities.

R&D Implementation Plan 2015-2017

The Implementation Plan 2015-2017 summarises the priorities that projects launched in the period 2015-2017 should focus on. In this document, ENTSO-E suggests R&D priorities as initial input to the European Commission (EC), European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI), technology providers and other stakeholders.

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