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Monitoring R&D Achievement

The objective of monitoring R&D achievements is to provide an outline of ENTSO-E’s R&D activities, indicating the extent to which individual activity is complete, ongoing and has not yet been addressed. The results will be used to perform a gap analysis for further prioritization of specific Clusters and Functional Objectives.

The R&D Monitoring Report is an annual publication that assesses the research and development work performed in various capacities throughout the European electricity sector within the overarching R&D Roadmap 2013–2022.

The main objective of this report is to inform stakeholders about TSOs’ recent R&D work and share new knowledge. Furthermore, it monitors the progress in pursuing the objectives of the R&D Roadmap 2013–2022.

With this knowledge at their disposal, the ENTSO-E Research Development Committee writes the specifications for the annual R&D Implementation Plan published by ENTSO-E.


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