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ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap

The Third Energy Package stipulates that ENTSO-E adopts an R&D plan. By showing the importance of ENTSO-E member TSOs R&D for electricity consumers and stakeholders, the R&D Roadmap is another important EU official mandate for the association. 

ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap aims at creating a supportive stakeholder environment for TSOs in conducting R&D. It covers a large amount of TSO R&D activities and shows how necessary they are in realising Europe’s climate and energy policy targets, but also how they support other TSO tasks related to EU network codes and ten-year network development plans

ENTSO-E R&D roadmaps outline a methodology to achieve EU objectives and lay groundwork for the upcoming electricity highways, smart grids and the change to a low-carbon electricity system.

Defining a comprehensive R&D Roadmap is challenging. Implementing it is even more challenging. TSO cooperation is key as well as TSO collaboration with universities, research institutes, DSOs, generation companies, consumers, and industrial manufacturers. This way, not only are the R&D Roadmap targets met, but results are optimised as knowledge is quickly disseminated and shared among stakeholders and interested parties.

ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap 2013-2022 is the third of its kind.

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