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Research, Development and Innovation Committee

ENTSO-E plays a key role in developing the pan-European grid and achieving the ambitious European decarbonisation goals by 2050.  ENTSO-E and its TSO members share a common vision for tackling the key challenges.

TSOs are aware of the need to accelerate technological innovation. Development of new grid equipment technologies, modeling methods and grid architecture will enable TSOs to fulfil their mission in an evolving energy system. This mission is shared by the Council of European Energy Regulators to encourage network operators to seek innovative solutions.

Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) performed by TSOs is complementary to the work performed by universities, research institutes or equipment manufacturers. TSOs focus more on the integration of technology than on innovation or the production of new technologies.

ENTSO-E Research, Development & Innovation Committee

The mission of ENTSO-E’s Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RDIC), chaired by Carlo Sabelli from Terna, Italy, is to coordinate RD&I activities and fulfil the mandate regarding the area of RD&I under the EU Third Energy Package.

There are currently three working groups (WG) under the RDIC: the WG Research, Development and Innovation Planning (WG RDIP), the WG Monitoring Results and Application (WG MRA) and the WG Standardisation (WG Std).

The role of the RDIC and its working groups is:

  • to ensure that the interests of TSOs in the RD&I domain are properly addressed to relevant stakeholders
  • to facilitate RD&I work among TSOs
  • to provide comprehensive support to and a mutually built vision of the RD&I activities of ENTSO-E Committees and other stakeholders
  • to promote the RD&I concepts, methods and technologies that will compose and steer transmission systems in the future
  • to support standardisation and interoperability related activities.