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ENTSO-E Secretariat

ENTSO-E Secretariat Team

ENTSO-E Secretariat is composed by a multinational team of more than 70 staff, including secondments from member companies.

The secretariat is divided into 8 teams. You can find out more about the staff of each team by expanding each team below.

Laurent Schmitt

Secretary-General, D&I Acting Manager

Laurent is the Secretary-General.

Kamila Pujan

Executive Assistant

Kamila is Laurent's Executive Assistant. She is also the Board and Assembly interface. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the Secretariat.

Sylvie Numuhire

Corporate Affairs & Secretary-General Office Coordinator

Sylvie supports both the Secretary-General's office and the coporate affairs team.

  • Corporate Affairs — Susanne Nies

    Susanne Nies


    Susanne drives corporate affairs activities towards EU institutions, stakeholders and our members. She supervises the organisation of our Annual Conference, Chatham house debates and watches over the consistency of our policy positions.

    Claire Camus

    Communication Advisor

    Claire supervises the association's overall communication and meetings of the ENTSO-E Network of Communication Experts. She also works with the System Development Team to promote the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) and system adequacy assessments. Get in touch with her for all media queries.

    Colin Broderick

    Web Editor

    Colin makes sure you find out what you need to know on the website, when you need it. He also deals with graphic design for web, video and other materials. He is also currently working on an online interactive map of the European grid.

    David Villadsen

    Corporate Affairs Advisor (seconded from Energinet)

    David supports the team on advocacy on the clean energy package and events.

    Léa Dehaudt

    Communication coordinator

    Léa supports communication activities and supervises our online and offline publications and newsletters. She coordinates the team's activities with those of our other business areas.

    Mathilde Lallemand

    Corporate Affairs Advisor (seconded from RTE)

    Mathilde is an advisor in corporate affairs. She oversees the network codes stakeholder committees alongside managing the TSO-DSO wholesale/retail project group.

    Michael Mieszczanski

    Senior Corporate Affairs Advisor - Deputy to Corporate Affairs Manager

    Michael closely follows EU policy initiatives in energy matters and coordinates ENTSO-E's relationship with EU institutions. He supports ENTSO-E's group of EU Affairs experts, who advise the Board on European policy matters.

    Stela Nenova

    Corporate Affairs Advisor

    Stela oversees ENTSO-E's relationships with all relevant stakeholders and partners, including fellow European associations, NGOs and EU institutions and she also manages the programme of our Annual Conference.

    Sylvie Numuhire

    Corporate Affairs & Secretary-General Office Coordinator

    Sylvie supports both the Secretary-General's office and the coporate affairs team.

  • Data & Infrastructure — Laurent Schmitt

    Laurent Schmitt

    Secretary-General & Acting Manager

    Laurent is the Secretary-General and acting D&I Manager.

    Adam Abramowicz

    Data Management Advisor

    Adam provides support for the Transparency Platform and Data Collection Portal. He also backs the D&I Section as a Solution Architect and a Data Management application lead.

    Christophe Montoisy

    Application Lead

    Christophe is the single point of contact for the Energy Communication Platform (ECP). He backs Martin as an application lead and provides support for the Transparency Platform and publications. He is also a Cross Border Intraday (XBID) advisor and a member of the Incident Classification Scale European Disturbance and Incident Classification Tool (ICS-EDICT) project.

    Cristina Danilov

    Assistant to IT Manager

    Cristina supports the D&I section's administration, including budget, investments and supplier contracts. She also assists with the Energy Identification Codes (EIC) and supervises the implementation of the extranet and intranet systems for the section.

    Dalius Sulga

    Senior Advisor - Data and Transparency Platform Team Lead

    Dalius oversees the development and management of the Transparency Platform.

    Eric Devillers

    Data Management Advisor

    Eric provides support for the Transparency Platform and Data Collection Portal, and acts as secretary for the Strategic Data Governance Steering. He also is Data Management application lead together with Adam.

    Ewelina Cupryn

    Application lead - Data and Transparency Platform

    Ewelina provides support for the Transparency Platform.

    Glykeria Zapanti

    Application Lead

    Glykeria administers and configures the Transparency Platform and provides support to Data Providers. She also backs the Senior Application Lead and works on the SharePoint platform both extranet and intranet.

    Ioannis Daoutidis

    Data Management Advisor

    Ioannis is in charge of the ENTSO-E Metadata Repository. He also works on Central and Local Issuing Offices (CIO/LIO) Energy Identification Codes.

    Jean-Francois Zeebroeck

    Service Desk Supervisor

    Jean-Francois coordinates IT support within ENTSO-E, for both members and secretariat staff.

    Keith Buzzard

    Information Security Officer

    Keith is responsible for information security. He promotes security awareness and manages IT risks and recovery planning in case of disaster.

    Martin Kuijs

    Senior Application Lead – Deputy to IT Manager

    Martin oversees all IT applications used by ENTSO-E and coordinates user support for the extranet and intranet information sharing systems. He also manages IT projects on an ad-hoc basis.

    Philippe Lagarrigue

    Publication/Data Coordinator

    Philippe administrates the data portal and provides support to statistical data providers and users under the supervision of the Data Expert Group (DEG). He coordinates the drafting of statistical publications and maps.

  • Human Resources and Finance — Arnaud Scaramanga

    Arnaud Scaramanga


    Arnaud leads and manages the Finance and HR team, responsible for all financial requirements and HR policies for the whole organisation. He is the Secretariats primary contact for the Resources committee.

    Anne Fortané

    HR Specialist (Employee Development)

    Anne is responsible for promoting employee development, in particular through the definition of competency models and related HR training policies. She oversees overall employee satisfaction.

    Bertrand Macabeo

    Resource Planning Advisor

    Bertrand monitors the portfolio of needed and available staff and member skills. He ensures consistent management across all Secretariat programs, and leads on the setting up and analysis of resource planning tools. He also provides support to the drafting of ENTSO-E's Annual Work Program and ensures its consistent application.

    Carine Lemaire

    Head of Facility Administration

    Carine administrates ENTSO-E's facilities, including fleet management, building security and room booking. She also organises the staff meetings and social events.

    Corina Cojocaru

    Reception Desk & HR Coordinator

    The first face you'll see at ENTSO-E: Corina manages the reception desk. She supports the whole team with travel requests. She is also responsible for recruitment coordination and employee training logistics.

    Jacqueline Wauters

    Office Support Assistant

    Jacqueline takes care of our accounting. She also manages inside office room booking and catering.

    Marie-Laure Hespel

    HR Advisor (Compensation & Benefits)

    Marie-Laure defines and implements HR compensation and benefits policies. She also defines the global mobility(secondments) policy between the secretariat & members.

  • Legal — Florence Melchior
  • Market — Zoltan Gyulay

    Zoltan Gyulay


    Zoltan leads the Market team.

    Adeline Lassource

    Economic and Regulatory Affairs Advisor

    Adeline works on inter-TSO compensation, Economic Framework issues (financing conditions for investments, tariff structure, ENTSO-E tariffs report, etc.) and on strategic issues related to the ownership of the infrastructure. She also supports the implementation of the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) Network Code.

    Alexander Dusolt

    Market Advisor

    Alexander works on Ancillary Services and on Market Design and RES integration.

    Athanasios Troupakis

    Market Advisor

    Athanasios supports early implementation projects related to market network codes (Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management, Forward Capacity Allocation, and Electricity Balancing) and pan-European balancing pilot projects.

    Ludivine Marcenac

    Market Advisor

    Ludivine works on the network code CACM implementation specifically on the cooperation with NEMOs and Market integration working group.

    Marco Foresti

    Market Senior Advisor – Policy Team Lead

    Marco works on market design, renewable energy sources and market integration. He also support work on the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) and the Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA) network codes.

    Mariola Juszczuk

    Market Advisor (seconded from PSE)

    Mariola works on the transparency platform and support for REMIT.

    Mark Csete

    Market Advisor

    Mark works on the Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA) Network Code and on its implementation. He also supports work on wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). He also work on market information and transparency for the transparency platform evolution.

    Marta Mendoza Villamayor

    Senior Market Advisor – Network Code Implementation Team Lead

    Marta works on the implementation of the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) Network Code, and on the coordination of regional development.

    Martin Clark

    Market Advisor (seconded from National Grid)

    Martin works on CACM / FCA Implementation projects, the bidding zones review, IDCP, CGM and flow based Central West Europe/Central East Europe integration.

    Olivier Aine

    Market Advisor (seconded from RTE)

    Olivier works on the coordination of standardisation activities.

    Petra Kopytkova

    Market Advisor (seconded from CEPS)

    Petra works on the development of electricity markets in South East Europe region and network code implementation (CACM + FCA).

    Volha Veramyeva

    Market Coordinator

    Volha supports the team and is in charge of the organisation of Market Committee meetings.

  • System Development — Robert Schroeder

    Robert Schroeder


    Robert leads the System development and RDIC teams.

    Alban Joyeau

    Senior Advisor System development - Adequacy Team Lead (seconded from RTE)

    AAlban is the Head of Adequacy Project Management Office (PMO) and is responsible for the team of market modelling experts focusing on Mid Term Adequacy (5-10 years ahead) as well as Seasonal Outlooks (SO) for summer and winter period.

    Andriy Vovk

    System Planning Advisor

    Andriy works on the Ten Year Network Development Plan.

    Cristina Gómez Simón

    Research & Innovation Advisor (seconded from REE)

    Cristina coordinates the development of the R&I roadmap and implementation plan.

    Dario Frazzetta

    Modelling Advisor

    Dario works on  the Network Modelling Database (NMD), the data/models quality, and the development of the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES). He is the first instance of contact for NMD-related issues, CGMES implementation in the NMD.

    Ioannis Theologitis

    System Development & Research, Development and Innovation Advisor

    Ioannis supports various working groups related to implementation of the connection network codes. As part of research and innovation he also supports the application and monitoring of research results, EU funded projects and ETIP SNET.

    Irina Minciuna

    System Development Advisor

    Irina oversees relationships with stakeholders, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the European Commission for the Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), including the organisation of workshops and public consultations. She also works on the implementation of grid connection network codes, and on Cross-Border Cost Allocation Costs-Benefits Analysis (CBCA-CBA).

    Jean-Baptiste Paquel

    Senior Advisor - TYNDP Team Lead

    Jean-Baptiste works on the Ten Year Network Development Plan.

    Marcos Olmos

    Data Quality and Modelling Advisor

    Marcos works on the Strategic Program for Information Integration and Studies (SPRINTS), on the quality of data and models, and on the conformity of the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES). He is the first instance of contact for data/models quality and for the implementation of CGMES by TSOs.

    Norela Constantinescu

    Senior Advisor Research & Innovation - Team Lead

    Norela works on Research & Development (R&D) project setup and coordination, and oversees the drafting of the R&D Roadmap and R&D Implementation Plan. She also works on regulatory issues related to R&D, joint projects with European Commission's DG ENER, and is the first point of contact for new projects setup or proposals.

    Olivier Aine

    Market Advisor (seconded from RTE)

    Olivier works on the coordination of standardisation activities.

    Omar Picone Chiodo

    System Development Project Management Advisor

    Omar manages the Strategic Program for Information Integration and Studies (SPRINTS). He is the first contact point for Strategic Program for Information Integration and Studies (SPRINTS) and the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) conformity assessment framework.

    Simone Biondi

    System Development Advisor (seconded from TERNA)

    Simone works on our adequacy reports the Scenario Outlook & Adequacy Forecasts (SO&AF), and the Winter and Summer Outlooks, and on adequacy methodology improvement.

    Thanh-Thanh Le Thi

    System Development & RDIC coordinator

    Thanh-Thanh supports the System Development Team. She is in charge of the organisation of the System Development Committee (SDC), the Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RDIC), the Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committee (GC ESC) meetings and all the groups belonging to each Committee. She also manages the coordination work between SDC and RDIC.

  • System Operations — Sonya Twohig

    Sonya Twohig


    Leading the System Operations section in ENTSOE including several programs through which the European TSOs design common rules and policies, draft network codes, develop operational tools and improve operational coordination, in co-operation with regulators, European Commission, distribution system operators and stakeholders.

    Alan Whitaker

    Network Code Implementation Programme Advisor

    Support the Cross-Committee responsibilities for programme-level risk and issue management and ensure consistency with regards to the implementation of NC/GLs, across all committees.

    Alexander Mondovic

    Regional Group Senior Advisor

    Alexander provides support to Steering Group Operations and Regional Group Continental Europe overviewing also the work of their subgroups and project teams. He also works on relations with external TSOs, including system extensions.

    Alina Neagu

    System Operations Advisor

    Alina coordinates IT working groups (Electronic Highway Core Team; ATOM Working Streams) and the related IT projects under development. She also ensures the cooperation between Steering Group IT&Tools and Critical Systems Protection Working Group by correlating the work load and time frames of the common projects. Other groups that she provides support to are the Continental Europe synchronous area: Coordinated System Operation and System Frequency which are dealing with operational planning , grid development, RES integration, Operational Handbook compliance, frequency monitoring and other transmission system topics.

    Carlos Castel Conesa

    System Operations Advisor

    Carlos work focuses on compliance monitoring, system protection and dynamics, and StG Strategy

    Kristel Romeo

    System Operations Advisor

    Kristel provides support to the Steering Group Operational Framework, the implementation of System Operation Guideline, the project on TSO Coordination Strategy Implementation with RSCs and the Regional Group Baltic. She also works on the Incident Classification Scale.

    Pilar Muñoz-Elena

    System Operations Coordinator

    Pilar supports the System Operations Team and coordinates the organisation of the meetings of the System Operations Committee. She also acts as a facilitator, helping achieve optimum results during working retreats.

    Wim Ivens

    System Operations Advisor

    Wim provides support to Steering Group IT and Tools. He provides support to the Common Grid Model (CGM) program, including the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES).