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Reliable. Sustainable. Connected.



As the legally mandated body of electricity TSOs at the European level, ENTSO-E's mission is to fulfil its various legal mandates for the benefit of electricity customers, and to leverage its mandated work products to shape future energy policy for the benefit of society at large in the face of significant challenges in the areas of:

  • Security - pursuing coordinated, reliable and secure operations of the interconnected electricity transmission network, while anticipating the decision to cope with upcoming system evolutions.
  • Market - providing a platform for the market by proposing and implementing standardised market integration and transparency frameworks that facilitate competitive and integrated continental wholesale and retail markets.
  • Sustainability - facilitating secure integration of new generation sources, particularly renewable energy, as well as significantly contributing to the EU's greenhouse gases reduction and renewable energy supply goals.

     These challenges also imply addressing:

  • Network Adequacy - promoting the adequate development of the interconnected European grid and investments for a reliable, efficient and sustainable power system.




ENTSO-E, as the association of European electricity TSOs with key legal mandates from the EU institutions, aspires to become the professional body to which European and national policy makers, regulators and market participants turn for competent guidance, and which prepares pro-active proposals and objective assessments for technical, market and policy issues related to the European electricity systems. ENTSO-E will take the TSO perspective at the European level and will create value for society at large.​