ENTSO-E welcomes the European Commission’s announcement of a proposal for the EU Grid Action Plan as a follow up to the successful forum on ‘Future of our Grids’ on 7 September 2023. With European Commission’s support in raising awareness of the importance of grids in accelerating the energy transition, achieving carbon neutrality is within reach. ENTSO-E puts forth recommendations on four key areas for the upcoming Grid Action Plan:

  1. Planning Europe’s Future Electricity System: Our first recommendation advocates for coordinated planning, acknowledging the vital role of transmission, cross-border interconnections, and streamlined permitting procedures.
  2. Financing a Grid Investment Ramp-Up: Addressing financing challenges, the second recommendation proposes measures to mitigate risks for grid developers, emphasizing equity and long-term debt.
  3. Ensuring Adequate Manufacturing Capacity: Highlighting manufacturing challenges, the third recommendation calls for overcoming capacity constraints and addressing skills shortages.
  4. Enhanced Regulatory Drivers: The fourth recommendation urges forward-looking regulations, emphasizing speed, predictability, and aligning regulatory frameworks with energy policies.

Please find the full position paper HERE.